Text To Apply Home

New customers

We offer some pricing tiers to meet your business needs. Please contact your sales representative for more details. We will be offering the option to purchase discounted signage via our preferred signage provider.

The questions that are asked on the Text2Apply application will be the same questions that you select for the job posting on Indeed.

Your keyword will not be active if you have not received any applications after 30 days. As long as your keyword is actively receiving at least 1 apply within a 30 day period, then it will remain connected to your Indeed account.

Currently, the feature only allows one job per keyword. Soon, you will be able to add up to 5 jobs per keyword by choosing a new or existing keyword while posting a job. If you feel as though you need more flexibility/customization, please reach out to your sales representative to request the enterprise version of Text2Apply.

Yes, you will receive an email notification just as if they applied to your job on Indeed. Text2Apply candidates will appear in the Candidates tab in your Indeed account.

Current customers

Most of these changes can be done by emailing the Text2Apply team at

To stop receiving candidates via Text2Apply, please remove your signs or online postings with your Text2Apply information. You can also email the Text2Apply team at for further assistance.

(1) Please wait until you receive an email that states your keyword is active.
(2) If it is possible that you tested the product by texting INDEED to 22100 but did not complete the application, try replying STOP to 22100 and then proceeding with your own keyword.

The screener questions that are asked on Text2Apply are the same as those you selected for the job posting on Indeed. To see the apply flow yourself, text your selected keyword to 22100 once the keyword is active.